10 Most Ugly Car Rims


Average car can be nice looking with a decent set of alloy rims. Rims don’t necessarily have to be expensive. But what happens when a decent car has ugly rims? Here is my choice of ugliest rims I have ever seen.

Collected from various sources (blogs, forums, social networks…) these weird wheels represent more-less public opinion. It seems, people forget basics about alloy rims: oversized wheels will give you false speed readings on speedometer; too much covered area will prevent necessary airflow needed for cooling brakes/discs; too much opened area will give you less structural integrity… Anyway, those are designed to draw attention, not for safety. Let’s take a look…

#10 Ceiling Light

I am not a fan of oversized wheels at all but who wish to install ceiling light plate on car? This design belongs more to house interior then to a vehicle.

#9 Sunblind

Another house interior item, plus awful air flow. I guess brakes overheat too often.

#8 Pillars Of Wisdom

No comment…

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